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We were lucky to worked with many international clients in the past year.

But filming in the time of pandemic was a bit different it used to be.  We have implemented new safety precautions as a priority to make sure to keep every one safe and healthy in the set.

We also wanted to make sure that our clients doesn’t feel like their options are limited. We were quick to adopt new world. Some of our projects were in the form of “remote shooting”, which became even more popular all over the world last year.

This is the age of “new normal”. Things have obviously changed quite a lot in 2020. In the new world, the popularity of “remote shooting” has increased with the change of countries entry rules and social distancing.

In our most recent project, our director was sitting in front of a computer screen in France and gave instructions to the crew and cast, producer was trying to ensure a smooth set in Turkey and the client was watching in real time in Los Angeles.

Especially, we shot almost all of the interviews that will be included in the promotional films of our international clients, by asking questions via live broadcast over Zoom.  The client asked questions from his own country, and we shot it in Turkey together with our team.

So if you use the technology in right way and set up correctly, remote filming tools enable clients and production houses to connect as if they were in the same place. Live video footage is streamed to the client for review, and the crew can get approval in real time even while substantially apart. Even the clients with the products, send the products over and watched the entire shooting remotely. And by this way they saved the budget while going through difficult times.

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